Who, Wolf?

The who, the what, the where, in Boston.

The What.

LipSurgence. I’m starting to see a theme here… makeup intimidates me less when it looks like crayons (note my enviable eyeliner). Tarte has made the switch to vegan products a lot easier. While they aren’t a small business, their line is easily tracked down either online or in stores. And the matte lip tint is extraordinary. I love lip tints in general because they tend to last longer than lipsticks or glosses. This one is unique because it’s just so moisturizing, something that will often make your lips fuller naturally (makes sense, right? Picture a grape as opposed to a raisin). The shades LipSurgence comes in bring to mind decades of intense lips, with rich colors alongside smoldering neutrals. Yes, I believe neutrals can smolder. I myself am leaning towards Fiery, because I live for that kind of drama. The What is perfect for every day, or going out, either way it’s guilt free because it’s entirely vegan.

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